What if you could talk to your ideal customer before launching in India?

Well, you can. With our database of over 15,000 people & 2,000+ Domain experts to choose from, we help companies engage India with confidence

Design for the perfect experience by getting to know your customers better than ever before!

Focus Group Sessions allow you to sit on the table with your customer. An intimate way to get a clear understanding of what’s in their minds. What do they love? What do they hate? And how can you change it for better

Launching a Product for India?

Making the investment to launch in India is no small feat. India has a very unique customer base and you need to make sure you are addressing exactly what your customers want. With our Focus Groups solution, you can get an understanding of exactly what your customers think of your product.

Adding new features?

Are you worried about how customers will react to a new feature your launching? Pick from our carefully curated list of users to test.

Want to grow your brand?

Today, over 500mn Indians have a smart phone in their pocket and that number is just going to grow

Our Platform, Your Results

We take care of your experience end-to-end, including the technology for hosting, expert moderators, instant video & reports - all conducted smoothly & securely.